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Hi new to site-help with seed planting times and advice for seeds from charity site

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Hi new to site I live in north east-need help with seed planting times and advice for seeds from charity site,no intructions --apple of peru, redhot poker, scotch thistle, teasles, evening primrose, cardiocrinums, polyanna primula.



I only know some of them.

Red Hot poker - keep the seeds in a fridge till mid March, then put the seeds in seedling soil in a greenhouse/sunny window - they can take a while to germinate.

Thistle - put in seedling soil in April and they should germinate readily.

Teasle - just shake the seeds over the area you want them now. They seed readily.

Primula - as per Thistle but in March.

Any plants with a hard seed cover seems to germinate better if soaked in Diet Coke or the like for 24 hours before putting it into a seeding soil...think the acidity must help break down the shell.

13 Jan, 2012


Plant your Cardiocrinum seed in a pot and stick somewhere outside and out of the way. Have a look late summer to see if anything is appearing and ignore again. After around 3 years you will have small bulbs that you can plant out or put into separate larger pots. Will take about 5 years from then for the bulb to reach flowering size whereupon it dies leaving behind lots of smaller bulbs which will keep on growing.

13 Jan, 2012


Wow ... diet coke, kildermorie ... brilliant! Would lemon juice work just as well? Thank you!

13 Jan, 2012


Not tried lemon juice...might work, just that it has sugars that can attract mold. Diet coke dregs seem to work a treat for lupins, Sambucus, Acer, Pine etc. Might try Lemon as it is quite acidic - will let you know if it works.

13 Jan, 2012

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