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Has anyone grown or got an Escallonia Hedge longer than 15 metres

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

I need to replace a boundary in my back garden which is currently some 6ft fence panels on 3 inch wooden posts. The posts have started to rot and they need some concrete spurs and some of the panels need replacing and part of the fence is missing so there will be new panels and posts for that! I have been quoted over £900 for the whole job. I hat the thought of paying to have ugly concrete spurs put on the fence so I have been researching the possibility of planting a living boundary and have decided on a double (maybe)Escallonia Edinensis Hedge. The length is over 15 metres (sorry for keep switching between imperial and metric) and will cost at the place I have sourced around £200 plus some soil improvement. How good are Escallonias at being maintained, growing, and creating a good living screen, any advice would be welcome

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Escallonia Edinensis is a very good choice, your best buy would be plants about 3ft. high at £3-£4 each = 30 £90 or £120. 4ft. 6 ins. would be twice as much : £8 each. you may be able to get 10per cent off on this amount.
The plants should be fairly full in themselves and in 2 years will form what you require. Simple trimming with secateurs and tying in will help to form the ultimate hedge.
Hope this will help in you desicion.

6 Apr, 2009


Do you know anywhere I can get my hands on these, the 4ft 6 would be the best option, and would you recommend a double or single hedge

6 Apr, 2009


The local senior school has a boundary hedge of escallonia 'appleblossom'. the groundsmen cut it twice a year with hedgetrimmers. keeps the teenagers in so it cant be too bad. its a big frontage too.

6 Apr, 2009


if you get a tall clump forming bamboo you can keep splitting it and replanting it in a row or if not near the house you can buy a roll of live willow shoots and just plant them.just something a bit different

6 Apr, 2009


Have you looked at Photinia Red Robin as hedgng - I had some of this in a long mixed hedge at my old house and it did very well, and was a vigorous shrub, colourful and easy to maintain.

7 Apr, 2009


I am looking at Escallonia because it is compact and evergreen and does not have any gaps. It is a no work (apart form the easy pruning) twice a year, it doesn't need splitting or constant attention. I'm not really looking for alternatives, I am firmly decided on Escallonia, I just wanted to know how other members had found it as a hedge.

7 Apr, 2009


fair play

7 Apr, 2009

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