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shaded area


By Steve

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

we have a shaded area to the east side of our house, with a fence at the south end . so the area just in front of the fence is totally in the shade.we would like to plant up this area with evergreen shrubs , but are unsure what, if anything will florish here.if you look at my garden photos you can see the fence next to the house, it's the other side i am looking to plant up.ideally 5-6 feet in hieght , and then i should have enough room for 3 or 4 more going towards the front of the house, and this does get the early sun. any suggestions gratefully received



Hi Steve how robust your fence?If solid closeboard plank fence then hydrangea petiolaris white climbing hydrangea would be a good self clings however so not recommended for panel fences which often need replacing.
If this the case then range of shrubs such as Acuba spotted laurel
Skimmia,Mahonia ,Berberis , Pieris - if soil permits Camellia , Rhododendron likewise ,forget if on chalky soil.
As sun reaches spot could try Leycesteria Formosa
-himalayan honeysuckle and Tamarisk and sure theres plenty more others will recommend so dont despair .

15 Apr, 2008


thanks bonkersbon , the fence panels are hurdle and should last some time, they are four years old and weathering nicely. like the mahonia , as do the birds , so may go for this idea, will try the local garden centres over the weekend.

16 Apr, 2008


thanks for the reply bonkerson , i have gone with the mahonia , which i got from a local garden centre, in a large pot and already 2feet tall. planted up and looks good, planted a hydrangea the other end of the bed, and will finish off with an evergreen , possibly a viburnum , in the middle. will take a photo soon , so you can see what the results are.

25 Apr, 2008

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