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Any tips on how to keep foxes out of the garden? I wouldn't mind, but they leave such a mess and I don't like the children going out till I have cleaned up.



Male Urine has been tried and tested as a deterrant with some success here on GOY.

16 Jan, 2012


Going to the hair dressers and collecting lots of hair cuttings and putting some in each of a few old tights/stockings in the feet and dot them round your perimeter may well help . another thing that may help is to get a higher predetors droppings and put them round the edge will have a similar effect .

16 Jan, 2012


Try crumbled mothballs (naphalene) or old tea bags sprinkled with Obas oil in the areas where the foxes have marked out their territory.

16 Jan, 2012


Dried chilli flakes ( 99p. A small bag from ethnic aisle in supermarket) have deterred rabbits and squirrels, you could try it on foxes where you know they regularly go

17 Jan, 2012

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