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Advice on growing chilli peppers please

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've just planted a packet of mixed chilli seeds. if they germinate I'll grow them in pots on my S. facing bedroom window sill. I don't have a greenhouse or conservatory, and its too cold outside up here (N. U.K).
Is there any hope at all of getting useable fruit? Any tips however small gratefully accepted



I grew chilli's last year in greenhouse and I potted a couple of the plants up and put them on kitchen windowsill (north facing, got lots of chilli's from them , I would think south facing window will be ideal, remember to feed em.

6 Apr, 2009


me too mac.
i potted them into a 2 litre pot and gave them lots of tomato food and water once the flowers started to go over. I did use a paint brush to transfer pollen as i didnt think there would be enough polinators around to do it. in fact the ones from the house were hotter than the ones from the greenhouse.

6 Apr, 2009


Thanks for this advice. It certainly gives me hope of a result. GOY will be first to know.

7 Apr, 2009

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