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Angus, Scotland Sco

Can any of you tropical plant experts help me with this. This tree is just outside of our garden here. I asked the lady who gardens here and she said 'Balsam Glory' but that name doesn't bring up any matches on Google at all. Anyway, the tree has very poisonous fruit which is the favourite meal of parrots here. They are the only animal that can eat the fruit and they have to do something to detoxify themselves after ingesting as it is so poisonous. I didn't catch the whole story when we were doing our rainforest tour. It is a truly beautiful tree with thick glossy leaves and a beautiful white flower. The fruit is also very beautiful as you can see.....



...Sorry I only have half the story, I've been trying for ages to find out more, but I'm hoping someone on here will have further info...perhaps in a book. :)) Thank you!




Clusia rosea is the balsam apple and is listed as toxic causing 'strong disturbance of the GI tract with purging'.

The images in Google look similar and it is also called the parrot apple or monkey apple.

16 Jan, 2012


I can see the striking similarities and the leaves look the same, but none of the photos of the fruit is quite right. However, it does definitely read like a very similar plant. thankyou Thepoisonga!

16 Jan, 2012


We have the definitive name at last folks! Louise has just read my latest blog and kindly brought me her book of the Wild plants of Barbados and it is Clusia Plukenettii - Cliff, Gully or Rock Balsam are it's common names. Hurray! I love it when a mystery is solved, especially a plant mystery!

16 Jan, 2012

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