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Hi all

I grew a few vaieties of poppy last year and after they had died back, collected quite a number of seeds.

My question is, would I be able to grow more from the collected seeds? I ask because a familymember said no and I am just checking to make sure.

If it is possible, is there any particular process to follow or would it just be as the original packet stated?

Thanks in advance.



I think that the seeds of the big showy oriental poppies are usually sterile, but I may be wrong. Other poppies will grow easily from seed and indeed will seed themselves around the garden.

16 Jan, 2012


As ojib says - depends on the poppies you have. I have found most poppies self seed, popping up everywhere in the flower bed. The large red perrenial flamboyant poppies are best dug up/split and replanted - every bit of tuber of these will produce a plant and flower ... even broken off bits.

16 Jan, 2012


I have read that Butterflies wont go into a garden where there are Poppies, so have always pulled them up.

17 Jan, 2012


They are certainly loved by bees, and I believe van gough did paint about poppies and butterflies. Perhaps, our resident artist, Noseypotter, knows more about the connection?!!

17 Jan, 2012


I have masses of poppies, all different kinds, and I also have masses of butterflies so I think you could leave some to grow Diane.

17 Jan, 2012


I know that the butterflies here love Iceland Poppies.

19 Jan, 2012

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