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Does anyone know a source for Kashmir balsam (balfourii) impatiens? Seeds or plants? I am trying to get some for a memorial garden. Thanks so much, Val Pendzick @



Hi Valpendzick i have just run a search on ebay and there is a seller in the uk selling this seed if you go onto ebay and type in the following number in the search box it will bring it up 280807996984. Hope this helps.

17 Jan, 2012


But Val is in the US. Val I strongly advise you to edit your question to remove your e-mail address, unless you like receiving lots of spam.

17 Jan, 2012


Hi Moon grower some sellers ship overseas, val would need to contact the seller direct to see if they do.

17 Jan, 2012


The point is, Popedot, that to import seeds 'legally' into the United States you must have a 'Small Lots of Seeds' permit, which is issued by APHIS. Failure to have obtained this will result in the seeds being destroyed.

17 Jan, 2012


Joseph of Greensparrow Gardens blog is a good bloke. He is in the states and has sourced seeds - drop him a line and I'm sure that he'll point you in the right direction.

17 Jan, 2012

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