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By Edith80

I have a saturated rear garden due to landscaped slope, i have spent lots of money on drainage, sunken pipes and soak-aways. It is still so muddy, what next - do i cover in chippings, decking or move!!! Help !!



Can you post a pic? Is the soil compacted?

17 Jan, 2012


Has the ground always been saturated or only become so after the slope was landscaped.

Is the soil clay?

17 Jan, 2012


you could of course grow plants that like damp conditions if you cant solve the problem. there are some beautiful plants for these areas. so unless you want to move...........

17 Jan, 2012


Where is your drainage? Perhaps, instead of drainage being at the bottom of the slope, you should consider a ditch at the top with a drainage pipe, back-filled with gravel, and run it to the nearest gutter or down your drive out to the road or nearest ditch. A few hours digging, drainage pipe, sloped to drain accordingly, may be alot cheaper than moving?!! Also, perhaps your drainage, if it is at the bottom of your slope, is 'level' rather than sloping away, which will not drain anything away?

17 Jan, 2012

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