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Choisya Ternata - Sundance In need of TLC!

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hi again! Sorry to be a pain, this is the Sundance I mentioned in my blog earlier. Does anyone reckon it's in with a chance of surviving? I think I will put it in a spot with the christmas roses to give it shelter. It has a fence behind that and only gets the sun in the morning......

On plant Choisya Ternata Sundance




Oh dear - what happened to that? It does look poorly. Try planting it - but don't be too hopeful! Give it plenty of water and a feed,too.

6 Apr, 2009


I would get it out of its pot as soon as possible - I have several choisyas in my garden and they have flourished in various locations without any windburn / exposure problems. When you get it out of the pot check the rootball thouroughly to make sure that the problems are not due to some other factor such as nasty mini beasts in the pot etc., give it a trim and as spritz says lots of water.

Good luck

7 Apr, 2009


Thanks Sh and Ducky! I never thought to look in the bottom of the pot, eeeek! I will put it in the ground, either later today, or first thing in the morning! I will put some compost in the hole too! I think I'll trim the dead bits off too. If it survives, I'll take another pic to let you know how it gets on! Thanks again!

7 Apr, 2009


Did this plant survive?

18 Nov, 2009


I would like to know if your Choisya survived too.
Jackie :-))

23 Dec, 2009

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