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Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

A natural pond creation question ... hello! I have read on internet blogs that rainwater is best for keeping natural ponds clear and healthy, but searches on adding well water have been ambiguous. Perhaps I am reading/searching wrongly. Can anyone help to clarify this for me, please? I would like a natural pond, ie no fish or filter, about 2m by 1m and no more than 0.5m depth, and the water I use is crucial, I understand, to the health of the pond?



Is this straight well water, Avkq? Or does it include municiple clorination and fluoridation?

If the former, there should be little practical difference between the well water and the rainwater--though some wells can be peaty or brackish, which could cause a problem. With good well water, the worst that usually happens is a mineral ring around the sides and on the emergent plants.

If the latter, try to allow at least two weeks of airing out between filling and adding the plants, and another two weeks before adding the fish, snails, etc. When refreshing the pond, don't replace more than 1/5 of the volume per month.

Yours sounds OK, but natural ponds (no circulation pumps) should be no deeper than 1/4 of the largest dimension. The only circulation and oxygenation it gets is when the wind blows the surface layer to one side, and under.

17 Jan, 2012


I'm surte to get it perfect you should use rainwater but I have a natural pond about 3 metres by 2 metres and 60 cm deep with no running water and I've only ever used tap water.

It is perfectly clear and attracts a staggering amount of wildlife. I estimate I had 500-750 frogs leave the pond last summer (from tadpoles)

I have quite alot of oxygenating pond plants and water lillies cover roughly half of the surface area

Here's a photo of the pond

18 Jan, 2012


Natural rain water is better for any pond but tap water can also be used. The chlorine in it quickly vents off leaving the water in a natural state. It has been said that tap water ponds are more prone to algal growth but you will find plenty of algae in wild ponds as well. Our own pond is filled with tap water but that was last done about ten years ago! In times of drought, rare here, we top it up from the tap.

18 Jan, 2012


Odd thing about algal growth, I get more of it growing on pots watered with rainwater than I do with those watered from the tap. Yet we are told that more algae grows in tap water in ponds.

18 Jan, 2012


After tap water has stood for a few days its ok to use anyway. But straight from the tap, tap water may harm pond fish.

18 Jan, 2012


Thank you so much to everyone ... I am not going to be introducing fish, at least not yet! I have also found a local aquatic centre who will test the well water for me, tugbrethil, so thank you for that thought. The well is basically an artesian well, rising from the ground water below, and hand-pumped. Will let you know how it goes. Thank you for your picture, anchorman ... gives me something to aim for!

18 Jan, 2012


I hope you'll post a photoi of your pond here once it's established

18 Jan, 2012


Thank you, anchorman, but I don't have a digital camera, and my computer doesn't know how. I have two teenage daughters, and family members who have sent me video attachments, who have tried to download from their phones/computers to mine without luck. I live in the steam-age ... as 'they' say, but phone and computer do what I need them to at this time, so am avoiding the cost of upgrading for vanity's sake. My daughters just roll their eyes at me!! Needless to say, I did suggest they join GOY, just to help me out, but I should have known better!!! Oh, well, as long as they do their homework and chores ...

18 Jan, 2012


There's hope for you yet AVK. One of my customers has just turned 90 and has recently bought a computer,digital camera and IPhone!

18 Jan, 2012


You have another 45 years to convince me with that then??! By which time, no doubt, it will all be different again ... The steam-age is more gentle and less frantic I believe.

19 Jan, 2012


Hard, dirty, disease ridden, and at least as violent, though! : /

20 Jan, 2012


You are right, tugbrethil ... I need to move forward. Standing still can be 'romantic' but ... . I believe anchorman is right about upgrading my technology, or I will lose what I have now!! Took ten years for me to get a mobile phone, and now I don't know how I would survive without it!!

21 Jan, 2012


My pond is now dug, basically odd shaped 3m x 2m with a shallow draft at one end. I have decided to extend the length by another metre, to allow for rock overhang at the top end for frogs etc.

1 Feb, 2012

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