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I bought a medlar tree last winter which had been left to grow in its pot untrained. I think it was a two year old. It had no sideshoots, and was basically a 7ft, single shoot about an inch thick. I planted it last winter, cutting about a foot off the top. It has only grown a few small sideshoots this year and I wondered how to prune it to encourage a better shape?

Medlar_002 Medlar_003



Check out RHS website ... Quicker for me to copy and paste than explain myself ... "Medlars need annual pruning in winter to maintain a healthy shape encourage good flowering and fruiting. Prune as follows: For the first three or four years cut back the longest upwards growing shoots or leaders, of the main framework branches by about one-third of the previous summer’s growth, always pruning back to an outward-facing bud. Cut back to two or three buds from the point of origin, any badly placed shoots that cross over the centre. The aim is to achieve an open-centred, well-spaced branch framework. Leave short shoots unpruned but remove poorly placed or crowded longer branches ... Mature trees do not respond well to hard pruning ..." More available on the site.

18 Jan, 2012

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