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Lemon Tree Seeds


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I must start attending meeting... I am a seedaholic. I have trays and trays and trays of various seeds and am still buying more... including Lemon tree seeds. So my question is
1, where on earth will I put them all?
2, has anybody grown a lemon tree from seed if so how long before it starts sprouting??
3,Will it survive English, Norfolk weather if it does grow?
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You haave my sympathy. I just moved to a new house with a bare garden, so I have been seed sowing like crazy!! And if you run out of room I am sure friends and neighbours will be all to willing to adopt your carefully nurtured babies. Not sure about the lemon tree....being from the colder east coast of Scotland, thats a bit exotic for me!! Good luck with all your endeavours :-)

7 Apr, 2009


Im just so pleased that im not the only one buying seeds and plants like they are going to make it illegal !!! I have more than i could ever plant in the garden, but im sure friends and neighbours will appreciate some freebies !!

Being from the west of Scotland i cant help with the lemon tree q`s but im sure you will have an answer soon.

Good luck whatever happens :-)


PS just posted some nice garden pics, have a look !

7 Apr, 2009


I have grown many lemon seeds. It depends upon the weather, when they will germinate. I live in South Florida, and leave mine outside, even in winter. mine germinate in about 2 to 4 months, and usually 3. The only thing is, you'll end up with a "mystery lemon" when grown from seed. It will not be the exact fruit that you took it from. The only way to get the exact fruit is to take a stem cutting off of the mother plant, and root that. Then you will have a "true lemon". For example, right now i have one lemon seedling grown from seed. i also have one lemon grown from a cutting i took off of my regular myer's lemon tree. The meyers is straight. The Myers rooting/cutting is healthy, great leaf formation, and already has 3 tiny lemons on it! :) The seedling from a seed is not nearly as formated., and both grown at same time, 13 months ago. Try taking a cutting when you want fruits of any kind, they are usually grafted and to get true fruits in the end, that stem cutting will make all of the difference :)
To see the Myers cutting, visit my exchange page at:

7 Apr, 2009


I grew a grapefrui and a lemon pip in the northeast when i was a girl. the lemon fruited for a couple of years then i went to uni and mum forgot to water it. you know the rest.
so norfolk wont be a problem.

7 Apr, 2009


I cant wait to give it a go... am very impatient and will be expecting a tree full of lemons like tomorrow but have to remember that Im not gonna get it boohoo


8 Apr, 2009

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