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By Kataks

Denmark Dk

I need some help/suggestions on colour plants I can grow in my garden. I live in a warm tropical climate with temp upto 27 degrees.... please help

Asked from the GoYpedia summer colour plants page



A tropical climate in Denmark, Kataks? ; )

Seriously, though, 27º doesn't sound too bad to me, after gardening in an area with summer temps to 40º+. You will probably be able to grow most of the summer annuals grown in Europe, many of which will be perennials or shrubs in a tropical climate. Most perennials will also work, with the exception of those that need signifigant winter chilling--such as Delphiniums or Peonies. Foliage color could come from varieties of Cannas, Bloodleaf (Iresine), Copperleaf (Acalypha), Ti Plant (Cordyline fruticosa), Caladiums, Coleus, and Ornamental Sweet Potato. Flowering groundcovers include Yellow Dot (Wedelia trilobata), and Trailing Ruellia (Ruellia squarrosa). If the climate is dry enough, there are a lot of cacti and succulents that could add blue and gray accents to the garden.

Hope that this helps

19 Jan, 2012


I too would query the 'warm tropical climate' in Denmark - not to mention 27 deg C being temperate zone temperatures rather than tropical. We have those temps here in England frequently during summer, so anything which grows well here should do well there.
I am surprised though - I thought Denmark got a lot colder in winter than we usually do here rather than being tropical.

20 Jan, 2012


Lately, we've had a number of new members that somehow wound up with locations listed that were far different from where they actually gardened, Bamboo. I suppose that Kataks may also have a winter home on an island--likeliest place for a tropical climate that cool--and needs to spruce up the garden there.
Kataks, we eagerly await your feedback, and I apologize if I sounded derisive in my initial reaction. That wasn't what was intended! : ]

20 Jan, 2012


That did cross my mind, but even so, Tug, I wouldn't call temperatures up to 27 deg C in any way tropical - unless they're night temperatures.

20 Jan, 2012


There are such things as cool tropics, most often found at high elevations in the tropics proper--areas that are rarely inhabited by people with the leisure to garden ornamentals--or small islands near, or slightly beyond, the northern and southern limits of the tropics. The main requirement for a tropical climate (in gardening terms) is the complete absence of frost in the winter, not necessarily hot summers. My list is based on the assumption that that's the kind of climate Kataks is dealing with. I also suspect that to someone from Denmark, 27º C feels pretty hot! : )

20 Jan, 2012


It is a bit of a conundrum ... I understand that finland, norway, denmark, suffer huge problems with mosquitoes in the summer months because of the hot damp weather, which could therefore be classed as tropical during the summer months? 27C constant during summer with high humidity could well constitute tropical weather - it is not far off that in parts of africa where I was raised. If we go with the question, what can we recommend that will tolerate the extremes? If tugbrethil is right, that the message comes from denmark but the question relates to a home in the tropics then, indeed, we need clarification, but until we get that we have to go with the query, and I am stumped on this ... at the moment ... will keep thinking of other stuff bamboo has not already suggested. Warm, humid, cold winters ...

22 Jan, 2012


Hey Everyone:

Many thnks to you all for your responses and here is the clarification: I am in East Africa -Uganda using a Danish Server :) @ Tug I do wish I had a home on an island.

Tug thanks you for the info there; I am actually trying Delphiniums and Crizanthemums though I have about 2 weeks to go to see if anything shows up from the ground. Got some sun flower seed too.

So I am very tropical with hail storms as the closest to winter I have got :) :)

24 Jan, 2012


You must be at an elevation, then, Kataks. East Africa includes some of the hottest places on Earth, otherwise. Chrysanthemums should do fine, as long as they get enough water--same as they do here. We use Delphiniums as winter annuals, but 27º C wouldn't make them do more than snooze a little, so they would probably work as perennials, too, though they may be a little more short-lived than they would be in Scandinavia.
Happy gardening!

24 Jan, 2012


Ask bulbaholic for some of the tropical lillies - there is a south african perrenial one I once asked him about, which my dad keeps indoors over winter, but cannot remember the full name. Also, is there anybody who does flowering house/conservatory plants in this country, which will be okay outdoors in Uganda?

28 Jan, 2012

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