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How does one go about drying seeds?

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I'm really sorry to be such a klutz and ask such a stupid question, but I've some Iris Foetidissima seeds that I'd like to propogate next spring. (Got enough propogation going on at the moment!!) I'd also like to start collecting seeds from my existing stock come autumn time. I've borrowed a book from the library on propogation, but there's nothing in there on how to dry seeds? Thanks so much! :-)

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Sometimes i leave them to dry in a piece of kitchen paper or if the seeds are really tiny i leave them to dry naturally in their pods.

There are probably more clever and technical ways of doing it though.

7 Apr, 2009


I saved a lot of my seeds last year,picked when they were ripe,sealed them in paper envolopes which I labelled and kept in fridge overwinter in a biscuit tin

7 Apr, 2009


Most seeds are best sown fresh and keeping them for a whole year will reduce their viability. I collect for the seed exchanges and try to collect the seed when it is dry. This is not always possible so damp seed is placed in a dish in a warm, dry location for as short a time as possible. The seed is then packeted, labelled and stored in a fridge until it is sown or sent off to the seedex.
I. Foetidissima is unusual amongst Iris in that the seed has a fleshy coating. All fleshy seed should be sorted to remove the flesh from the seed. The seed should then be washed and dried off and stored, as above. I can be quite involved but is fun, believe me.

7 Apr, 2009


After drying your seeds, put them in labelled envelops, place in a tupperware container with a silica gel sachet and place in fridge

7 Apr, 2009

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