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I'm new to this site, but already I have a serious question that I hope someone can help me with. This site is soooo good that I wonder if any veterans can advise me how, when or even if I will ever get any work done ever again?

Last night I discovered the members' gallery of cat photos and they were so entertaining, I "Aaahhed!" and chuckled so much that when I looked at my watch it was quarter to 2 in the morning!

Please forgive the seemingly flippant nature of my question, but I need help.... but not before I write a quick blog and thank someone!

Perhaps the novelty will wear off

On plant Nessum Dorma Upallnighticus



Chuckle!!! Noooooo, I'm afraid there is just no cure. Apart from a good watering and feeding every now then, there is nothing else to be done!!!

Life is too short to be sleeping, fun must be taken whenever possible!!!

Oh, a bit of sunshine too, if any around!!!!! ;-)

7 Apr, 2009


Ha! no sorry once you are on this site time just flies! There is no cure for the addiction i'm afraid, i was on here this morning and i'm back again now!!

7 Apr, 2009


I usually log on at 6.30am before going to work, then again most evenings - when I'm not pottering about the garden or shed, sometimes I even log on at lunchtime in the office! It's an addiction for which there is no cure. Symptoms of this addiction include butterflies in the tummy before logging into the site, light chuckling which can lead to raucous laughter, sudden urges to try some of the techniques other gardeners suggest, high speed typing when you know the answer to a question and brainache when you know the name of a plant but you can't remember how to spell it. Don't worry though, everyone on the site if affected by this so you are not alone. Therapy includes regular visits to the site and frequent glimpses at other folks' photos, tips and questions. Fun eh? Just how life should be. Happy gardening!

7 Apr, 2009


no chance! pigs will have polished wingsand be fully fueled first!

7 Apr, 2009


thanks to all for trying to help.... the consensus of opinion seems to be that I'm doooooomed!!. if only it was january 1st i would make a new year's resolution to get some blooming jobs done tomorrow... on the other hand...

i do actually have a serious question .. during my clear up i came across a little pot with something in that seems to be thriving and i have absolutely no idea what it and i don't recognise it as a cutting i have taken... nor is it any weed that i know of.... i will take a pic tomorrow and perhaps someone can tell me if i should keep or chuck?... keep or chuck? oooh the tension... reality gardening at its best!

7 Apr, 2009


wer'e doomed~doomed I tell ye~shades of Dads's Army!

7 Apr, 2009

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