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an evergreen bush/tree with catkin type flowers which are creamy whiye with a hint of green.What is it,where could I get one and would it grow in a large container?



When does it produce catkins? If its about now, Garrya elliptica would fit the bill - get the variety 'James Roof' it has the longest catkins of all. Better in the ground, but would tolerate a large container for a few years (2-5), though you'd need to prune it yearly once its bigger, probably.

19 Jan, 2012


thats what came to my mind by the description Bamboo. they are lovely plants arnt they.

19 Jan, 2012


Plantaholic and I have recently posted photos of this plant in flower

19 Jan, 2012


I agree it sounds like garrya Elliptica

19 Jan, 2012


Here are more links ... I hope they help ...

20 Jan, 2012


The wonderful silk tassle tree! Can be easily pruned to remain as a bush too. Cut down after flowering. Any good nursery should have some, especially now as they are flowering. Depending on the size of bush/tree you want a large container should be okay. For a 2m bush/tree I would use a 75l pot minimum, preferably more. Can you let it root out through the bottom of the pot?

22 Jan, 2012

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