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Garden lights....... How to choose???

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Oh decisions, decisions!!! My hubby recently told me that he'd like a light for the garden, so we can sit out in the evenings when he gets home from work.

Trouble is, where do I start, eeeeek! I hit ebay and over 4,000 lights accousted me!!! I have noticed a couple of GOY'ers having garden lights of some sort. I assume they are solar powered. Do I also need to buy stainless steel ones for protection against water? Do they just get stuck in the ground, or is there some sort of base that has to be dug in?

Sorry for all these questions. I can't get out to shops very easily and would appreciate anyone's experiences..... Thanks!!



My neighbour has solar lights and they just push in the ground because she keeps moving them!! They don't give out much light though i suppose if a few were grouped together they might, i know Jacque has some in her garden, i would like some too i also hit e bay and got the same response where do you start!!! LOL Do let us know if you get any (then i can pinch your idea LOL)

7 Apr, 2009


Hi Craftnutter, first of all thankyou for you kind comments on my Garden pictures.....

As for garden lights, you may have seen from some of my pics of my decking i have 2 electric lights that burn those low energy bulbs, absolutely ideal for sitting out on a warm summer evening ( yes we get those in Scotland too lol ) We got ours from one of those Houseware cash and carry places, i dony know if you have something similar where you are but they arent expensive and very easily installed ( best to let someone who know about electric cables etc etc ), Ebay will be rather expensive as your paying the postage aswell as the cost of the lights.

Hope this helps....


7 Apr, 2009


This is not a direct answere to your question, Craftnutter, but it reminds me that several years ago we bought some rather nice lanterns for sitting out in the garden in the evening. We live in the north of Scotland and in mid-summer - it doesn't get dark! For us, lanterns or similar lights get occaisional use towards the end of August or in September if the weather permits.

7 Apr, 2009


I have a mixture of solar powered lights, orange and white for background glow, and candles in lanterns for on the table so you don't spill the wine. Solar lights are great as they can just be stuck in anywhere and you can use them under plants to highlight them. They need batteries charging at the start of the summer, but then you just leave them alone...brilliant!! Candles are also good for keeping away the dreaded midge!!!

7 Apr, 2009


only me craftnutter. I bought my solar lights from the following place and they are very good

they have a lot of items there which are all quite well priced and unlike ebay if they have a problem you can send them back too.

x x x
p.s just going to sort out an upset little girl whos not sleeping then will reply to your emails x x

7 Apr, 2009


Thanks everyone! D'oh! I never thought of getting both sorts, how stupid is that!!!!

I did think one of those tea lights would be good for the table, but I didn't want to be constantly buying them and paying postage.

Phew! I'm glad the solar lights don't need proper digging in! Didn't realise they need batteries, durrrr!!

As for electric lights, well, if we have decking put in, then I would ask our electrician to put some out. Whether in the decking or garden, I don't know. Hmmm, more decisions, grrrr!!

I guess for now, I'll buy some solar lights, that'd be better than nothing. And I'll prob. buy a lantern which you put tea lights in. I guess I'll have to buy about 100 at a time, lol!!

Thanks Mookins, will visit the site you recommended!!

Sewingkilla, will let you know what I get!! xoxoxo

7 Apr, 2009


Oooooh no!!! Now I've another question! Soooooo sorry!!! If the bulb goes, can you get replacements and are they expensive?

I notice you can get LED ones, presumably they'd be a bit brighter? Anyone have any of those?

Mookins, Charles direct are out of stock of the stainless steel ones, :-(

Thanks Y'all!!! :-)

7 Apr, 2009



B & Q were offering a set of 10 stainless steel solar lights that just push into the ground for £19.99. Really pleased with mine, but not sure if they would give as much light as you need... nice for background though or to light a path..

7 Apr, 2009


hi craftnutter
solar type lights are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, except maybe to dimly light a pathway.
go for a low voltage system, they sell this type in b&q
you have a mains transformer that you plug into a standard socket, and a low voltage c core cable that you run outside.the lights spur off this cable with little junction boxes . you can choose what type of light you want to use and how getting a larger transformer you can run a longer cable and have more lights.
one uplighter can illuminate a decent sized shrub.
this system is fairly simple to install and vesatile and safe!
we have had this system in now for three years and is still working fine. hope this helps.............steve

7 Apr, 2009


Hi Steve! Heehee! I always use the expression "as much use as a chocolate teapot" so not heard the fireguard one before!!

Right, I've written down what you've said and I'll show it to my hubby. He then might want to still get an electrician to do it, as we've not got a path round our beds.

Our local B&Q is huge, so no doubt we'll go and have a look when hubby is on hols next week. Thanks so much!

8 Apr, 2009


Have you heard my favourite saying ? "As much use as a watrerproof teabag "..anyway, i read your comment about tea lights, Ikea sell them in large bags (100) for a few £`s, 2 or 3 bags would well see you through the summer !


8 Apr, 2009


We like the gentle light of the solar powered lights to guide folk to the footpath at night. They are so cheap these days and cost no more once bought. Technology is racing on at such a pace that the quality improves each year and they drop in price.
We also like the soft light from candles at the table, there is a huge range of these in addition to tea-lights and many are perfumed with citronella which is a pleasant aroma and keeps the insects at bay. These can be bought quite cheaply during the season at many outlets, such as Wilkinsons, Lidl, Aldi etc.

8 Apr, 2009


Heeee Peedee! Not heard that one either! Must remember it!! Great! Ikea, I should be able to order online for them.
Thanks Xela! Musho appreciatedo!! I do like the idea of citronella, great idea! Will investigate online, don't have the shops here that you mention, apart from Lidl, which is quite a way from me.
Thanks again folks!

8 Apr, 2009


Hi Craftnutter, I saw some quite decent ones in Wilkos the other day for £2.50 each, pole type with the light at the top so would be quite subtle. I think I'm going to invest in a couple at that price and see how they go. A bargain I think! :-)

8 Apr, 2009


hi craftnutter,
you can buy black pvc conduit tubing and joints etc fron b&q. this will give the cable protection from a fork or spade.bury it next to a fence or at the front of a border, where you wont need to dig.................steve

8 Apr, 2009

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