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I have a laburnum tree in my garden which sheds its pods all oiver the lawn. I have always raked up the pods and put them in the compost bin. Now I want to use the compost for pot grown vegetables. Is this safe?



Hi Vegetables and welcome to GoY. To be honest I'm not sure, Laburnum is very toxic and I wonder if the seeds will even break down. At the same time the toxicity is to humans and animals not other plants. I 'think' you 'should' be okay but would wear latex gloves when working with the compost.

20 Jan, 2012


If it is a recent variety, Laburnum x watereri 'Vossii', then the pods will have very little or no seed in them so they will not be a problem when handling or composting. The seeds will only be a problem it eaten.

20 Jan, 2012


Only lethal if seeds, bark, twigs etc are consumed/eaten. Every part of this plant is toxic if eaten directly. I don't believe it is harmful to use in a log burner or open fire or even as part of the compost heap - just don't eat it!!

20 Jan, 2012

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