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why are my daffodils coming up blind this year



How do you know that Derek, I would have thought it too early yet to see buds. Daffodils put up leaves first then the buds follow on a little later, unlikely before February for me.

20 Jan, 2012


If they are blind, I'd ask what you did with them after they flowered last year. Did you cut or tie the foliage less than 6 weeks after they finished flowering? Did you feed them well whilst they were in the green, so to speak?

20 Jan, 2012


Also, did they have enough sun while the leaves were on? In my experience, they need at least 6 hours of direct sun, or the equivalent in dappled sun while the leaves are on to get flowers the second year on.

20 Jan, 2012


Often means they are not planted deeply enough.

21 Jan, 2012


That's true too. That will eventually fix itself, but it could take years.

21 Jan, 2012

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