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By Jjulio

Johannesburg, South Africa Za

Would like to know if it is "common" to find conjoined twin flowers, similar to the one I photographed last year and you can see on my blog

[The shot of a Coccinia Adoensis - which normally has five petals]




No it isn't 'common' but it does happen. It is called fasciation and means that the stems of two or more flowers have joined together - take a look at these images by copying and pasting the link into your web browser (not Google) or simply type the word fasciation into Google

It happens with a few of our primulas and can be a pain if we had planned on showing them as fasciation is not allowed.

20 Jan, 2012


WOW! That's a new term I've learned today, thank you!
I've noticed this "fasciation" happening on some of my figs, too; in fact it is not uncommon as I would think - at least with figs.
I believe a fig is in fact a flower - am I wrong?
I am going to introduce this new term on my blog, lol, thanks very much for the information.

20 Jan, 2012


That reminds me..I will go and see what is happening to the Euphorbia I posted.

20 Jan, 2012


Figs have flowers, very small, and fruits so I've no idea which it is occurring on.

20 Jan, 2012

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