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Do you know of any firm in the UK. that sells 2mm. silicone grafting clips. thanks. Toby.



No ... they come from the netherlands; no uk stockist that I am aware of at this time ... others may know different.

I can vouch for

as used them a while back - great service, delivery etc!

20 Jan, 2012


Hi,Avkq47. Thanks for your prompt reply. Can you remember roughly how much the postage was when you sent for your clips. Thanks Toby

20 Jan, 2012


Hi, Bilbobaggins,Thanks for your prompt reply, i'll give harrisseeds a try Thanks again . Toby.

Hi again 2nd note back in before i managed to type type
the first (very slow typist) Thanks, Toby.

20 Jan, 2012


It was a while ago, tobytoby. I just remember that their service and delivery was good. Sorry not to be more helpful. Can you do a 'dummy' order to check out prices further?

21 Jan, 2012


Silex Ltd are about to launch a range of Silicone Grafting
Clips in the UK.

23 Jan, 2012

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