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I have just read March is the best time to move leylandi conifer. I have help today only; what will happen if I move a 5ft conifer now in January, I live in SE England?

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Hi Terri and welcome to GoY. Your risk is that there will be a hard frost and that the hedge will not be able to establish itself if this happens. What height is the hedge?

21 Jan, 2012


If you really need to move it today try and dig up the whole rootball so that the roots aren't exposed, not easy if your soil is very crumbly. That way you are trying to trick the conifer into thinking nothing much has happened. Then once in the new hole mulch well with bark etc. A 5' Leyandii wouldn't be hard to replace so it's not a huge risk.

21 Jan, 2012


It is not a hedge, MG, just a tree... agree with severnside. Move it while the weather is mild and there is no frost in the soil. If any roots are doing 'roundabouts' then tease them out into a larger deeper hole so that they 'take' properly. Mulch in with tree/shrub compost and water well. Some handfuls of soil from its original place may also help it to feel 'at home'. You may need to top up the compost and water-in in the next few weeks, but after that should be okay.

21 Jan, 2012


Thank you for taking the time to reply. It has helped me immensely.


Terri :-)

21 Jan, 2012

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