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Can we put ALL the scrappings from cleaning our chicken run in our compost? This is likely to include the un-eaten mash or layers pellets we feed them?



Hi Lisa and welcome to GoY, I would have thought you ran the risk of having vermin getting into the compost to eat the hen food. Mind you I am surprised there is any food left our girls used to eat everything we gave them.

21 Jan, 2012


Certainly do not think left over hen food is a good idea, you definitely would get vermin in the heap.

21 Jan, 2012


It might get smelly, too, since most chicken feed is high in protein.

21 Jan, 2012


Agreed Tugb.

21 Jan, 2012


If you have un-eaten food in the chicken run then might I suggest that you are overfeeding, Lisa? Even in full-lay chickens should be able to eat up all the food that you put down and then have a good scratch about in the run. The un-eaten food in the run could be an attraction for rats; not something that you want.

21 Jan, 2012

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