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how do i care for roderdendrums? Mine are getting very large. Can I move them?


By Fern4u

Va, United States Us

My roderdendrums have outgrown their area in my garden. Last year, I move two of them. However, one died because it had too much sun. Please advise.

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It's getting too late to move them this year, they need moving in early spring so pruning may be a better option.

From RHS pruning advice -
Many rhododendrons respond to hard pruning, but response is better from deciduous azaleas and rough-barked selections such as R. ponticum than smooth-barked kinds. Undertake hard pruning in early spring and less-severe pruning immediately after flowering. Cut back just above a dormant growth bud - often difficult to locate on older wood. If no bud is visible, cut back leaving about 30cm (12in) of stem.

With many of the large-leaved species and smooth-barked rhododendrons such as R. thomsonii, R. taliense and R. barbatum and their hybrids, it is advisable not to prune hard, as they are very shy breaking into new growth from smooth hard stems. If pruning is necessary, it is generally better to cut back a portion at a time, always going back to a whorl of leaves or above a bud scar.

So are yours smooth or rough-barked?

8 Apr, 2009

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