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Hi Folks,
I bet like me you are all looking forward to spring, although some flowers seem to think it's here already.
My question is: I have overwintered my Streptocarpus in the conservatory and now alot of leaves are yellow at the ends and then bright green down to the base with a definate line across, do I cut these leaves off.
Thanks for any help.


On plant Streptocarpus



Some of the Streptocarpus are deciduous and a lack of light will cause yellowing of the leaves and drop-off. Have you checked out wikipedia? They may have some information for you.

22 Jan, 2012


Hello suzie what makes you think that ?lol x .

23 Jan, 2012


Spring in the air, do you mean, Noseypotter? Robins, sparrows and now blackbirds singing before the sun is up, crocus and daffodil in flower ... apart from the odd couple of days of frost the winter has been incredibly mild. As I said before, Suzie, check out the wikipedia site for your plant - very detailed and informative. Leave the leaves alone until they fall off or come away easily. There are so many varieties of this one, it is difficult to answer your question directly.

25 Jan, 2012


yes it has as it goes avkq47 i still cant weight for spring when i will of sprung lol into the garden that is lol .

26 Jan, 2012


Hi, thanks everyone for your comments. I will post a photo of the plants in question later today and perhaps it will clarify the problems. The streptocarpus are in the conservatory so they have as much light as possible.
Thank you x

26 Jan, 2012


your more than welcome .

26 Jan, 2012



I have done some research and it is quite a common problem in winter, it is call an "abscission line" as the tip of the leaves die back but the base keeps growing.
As I am writing this it is snowing a blizzard, yuck (so much for spring - spoke too soon me thinks).

26 Jan, 2012


oops not to worry i doubt it will last long hopefully x .

27 Jan, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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