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Vine weevils, can anyone tell me how to control them and when to start, I tried last year, but they took over again, what is the best way. and best to use. thank u



There are two methods

1. Chemical

Bayer Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2 and Scotts Miracle-Gro BugClear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer can be used for any container-grown plants (apart from edible ones)

2. Organic using nematodes

I've not tried either but i know you can only use the nematodes above 5 degrees c.

This link is helpful on this topic

22 Jan, 2012


thanks anchorman, I will check out the sites...

23 Jan, 2012


Hi Bibobaggins but when shall I start on them now, please all my plants got eaten last year, I guess its too late to do it with the nemotodes, shall I just ge tthe spray, I have an open garden this year although its only small, and I dont want to show half eaten plants lol

23 Jan, 2012


thank u so much for all the information, it drives you nuts, when all your hard work results in so much damage. thanks again.

23 Jan, 2012

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