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By Marion1

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Hi everyone,

I have bought some bulbs today for the very first time and |I cant tell which is the top of the bulb and the bottom, they are Anemone Coronaria and Gladiolus Callianthus, could you please help, the Anemone bulbs are such a wierd shape. Also I read on the RHS website not to water the bulbs when they are dormant, does dormant mean no water until I get some shoots? Thanks.



It is really hard to tell the right way up for anemones, I agree. The planting instructions usually tell you to soak them just before you plant them and sometimes - but only sometimes - that can make things a little clearer, but I will confess now to putting them in any way and leaving them to sort it out themselves. And they do.
As for the gladiolus callianthus ( which I still call acidanthera) they are not usually so difficult to tell which way is up because they are sort of mushroom shaped. The dome is the top and the convex side is the bottom where the roots will be. Hope this helps.

22 Jan, 2012


Some people find that if they really can't tell a solution that seems to work is to plant them edge on, which doesn't seem to bother them at all.

22 Jan, 2012

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