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Butternut squash or just squish?


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

ive said it before I am seed mad well this time I think i may have gone over my head!!
can buuternut squah be grown in this country? as I have just planted some and thought how do they grow? underground like a carrot or on top like a pumpkin? I asked my sister (the brainy one in the family) and she called me all sorts of things like "duh" and "oh my god can you be that dumb" and said they dont come from here therefrom somewhere warm!
so am I still the family dimwit or have I for once stunned my little sister into silence (please please please)

x x x



Squash is very similar to pumpkin ie the fruit is born on the vine. If you have a warm, dry summer (Norfolk?) you might grow it outside but if I were to try it would have to be under glass. If you have glass, try them both ways.

8 Apr, 2009


Agreed. We grow them here in the poly tunnel as we get late frosts which damage the plants. BUT, if you can grow decent courgettes then you can get squash to grow. However, there are better flavoured and more successful ones than Butternut. We like one called Buttercup far better (and more successful).

8 Apr, 2009


Don't worry Mookins, I wouldn't have known either! I come out with things that stuns my hubby and he bursts out laughing!!!

I'm sure there are things you know that your sister doesn't, so take heart!! :-) xxo

8 Apr, 2009


yes you can grow then as my uncle has lots of differant ones in his alotment,, yummy

8 Apr, 2009


Yeah go for it - if we get the long hot sunny summer we're due, they;ll be ok. A south facing slope would be good if you have one, and sheltered too. I believe they form a vine and trundle about a bit, so they'll need quite a bit of space.

Don't worry about your sister - I remember talking to a lady about growing veg once and when I mentioned broccolli a frown spread across her face and she asked, 'But doesn't it grow on trees?' LOL

8 Apr, 2009


hi mookins,
we grew butternut squash outside last year and got 10 fruits from 3 plants. make sure you put plenty of compost in the hole before you plant out and keep watered.they do need a lot of space, but when picked can keep for 6 months or more..............steve

8 Apr, 2009

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