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Camellia in Bloom

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

This picture was missing from my last question about damage from the wind. If you enlarge you can make out brown lines on the petals.




I still don't think it is wind damage or that there is a problem at all. I've seen plenty of Camellia flowers that look like this, if anything it is that the sun has just slightly caught the bed when there was frost on it.

25 Jan, 2012


I agree with moongrower, you will see more damage when the opened flwers are burnt by the frost, try and keep the camellia watered through the summer as next years buds are forming, and judging by the leaves i would feed through the season.

25 Jan, 2012


Yes the leaves do indicate that the shrub needs feeding.

25 Jan, 2012


Yes Tom no damage but would do good from a feed.

Nice camelia none of mine are in bloom yet.

25 Jan, 2012


I see the lines, and their direction seems to indicat that the petal was lightly crushed against something--possibly as the result of wind--but the damage is extremely light. Unless you were trying to show that particular blossom, I wouldn't waste worry on it.

26 Jan, 2012

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