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how do I Kill a weeping willow in essex



Why would you want to kill it - they're beautiful

25 Jan, 2012


Do you mean an actual weeping willow, the very large, trailing tree one often sees growing by water, at least 40 to 50 feet tall? Or do you mean Kilmarnock Willow, much, much shorter, grown as a standard usually about 3 or 4 feet high?

25 Jan, 2012


Is it your Weeping Willow?

25 Jan, 2012


Cut it down and put stump killer on the stump. They certainly are beautiful, but in the wrong place they get into the drains as I know from experience.

26 Jan, 2012


I`m waiting for a punchline here.
Is it in Essex at the moment?

27 Jan, 2012


I did resist that one, Fidget!

27 Jan, 2012


Sorry Steragram,I just couldn`t contain myself any longer :-)
Just had to make sure a constructive post appeared first.

27 Jan, 2012


Constructive 'post' fidget? ... there is something in that too!! :-))) Anyway, silvana, cut down your willow, then apply SBK straight into the cut, and to any sprouts at its edges - cut them first, then apply to the wound. Sap is starting to rise, so you will need to do it sooner rather than later. A local tree surgeon may have access to a stronger stump killer if required. Willow, like cherry and others, may well re-sprout along the length of the roots. If this happens, cut the base from a 6" plastic flower pot, place over the shoot then spray super strength glyphosate (homebase or garden centres available) onto the sprout. This will protect your lawn or other plants. The willow will give up and die ... I promise!

27 Jan, 2012

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