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I had a beautiful Aquilegia caerulea, that with the long sporns.-Is it normal, that it dies after 2 years? Or was it the cold winter or something else? How much should I fertilize???


By Nelke

Germany De

After it was green althrough the cold time, it suddenly died. Now I have a new one. How old can it come? Is it good to always have some germ-buds?

On plant Aquilegia caerulea



No, not normal. They do very, but some of my aquilegias I've had for many years. Others only lasted a few years. It might have been the hard winter, but they are very hardy in fact, so I don't know why yours has died. Regards fertilising, my feeling is that they do not require any fertiliser and are quite happy on relatively poor soils. Many plants are stronger and more pest and weather resistant if they are not 'forced' with fertilisers. Hope this helps.

8 Apr, 2009


I would try to collect some seeds this year, if I were you - just in case it happens again.

8 Apr, 2009

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