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Growing Peppers


By Debrah

kent, United Kingdom Gb

Can I grow Peppers from fresh seed? Sounds a silly question but I know I never got a Melon from fresh melon seeds..



Debrah,having paid £2.95 each for two packets of seeds ,(Suttons)and having lost the seedlings with damp off, I used some fresh seeds from a red pepper just about 4 weeks ago,and I have a pot full of fresh and strong looking seedlings. ( Capsicum ).In the propagater but not yet moved into individual pots.

I also have had luck with some very old chilly pepper seeds which I bought about four years ago from a health shop..I kept them in an airtight tin and use sparingly in curries ( very hot ). To my amazement,these are also growing and are half inch high right now.I shall never buy such seeds again.(Obviously I will keep these indoors in pots)
I did nothing special with them,just spread the seeds quite thickly onto the top of a small pot , covered them less than a half inch,and kept them moist.

9 Apr, 2009


I grew a squash plant from fresh seeds but only got male plants!! How do they know at the seed place that they'll get female plants?? Hope yours work please let us know then i can do same LOL!!!

9 Apr, 2009


You have spurred me on,I will give them a go!

9 Apr, 2009

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