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Bumble Bee collecting pollen already, will he survive????




When you say he's collecting pollen, where's he collecting from? Have you any flowers out currently?
I've had one or two on the balcony in the last 3 weeks, though not in the last couple of days. There are some things in flower out there, but very little on the pollen front - too early.

28 Jan, 2012


He's a 'she' as only queen bumble bees hibernate over winter, the rest of the colony dies in autumn (at least that is my understanding). The weather has been so mild it might well have confused her, she is unlikely to survive.

28 Jan, 2012


Hi yes, "SHE" is collecting pollen from a hyacinth put out on the patio after it was past its prime. Well done M G ,the sexing of bees ,I have learnt something today.

28 Jan, 2012



28 Jan, 2012


I have seen a few of the worker bees recently.

Am I correct that drones (male bees) are only born in the Summer ready for mating?

28 Jan, 2012


Yes the drones are only born in the spring and die off in autumn. But the hive keeps going all year round and with the mild weather we are having I would expect bees to be out and about.

28 Jan, 2012

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