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By Junie

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Pruning: hi everybody, I was going to take advantage of a lovely weekend and start to cut back some shrubs, but don't want to cut too soon if they are vulnerable to frost: Can you give me your views on following (I am in London area): Viburnum sterile, cotoneaster (the big leaved one, not horizontalis) Buddleia, and an Albertine rambling rose? Many thanks



Too early for all, unless you're rejuvenating very mature and overgrown shrubs. As for the Albertine, being a rambler it should have been pruned in September. You'll just have to stick to removing dead, diseased or damaged wood and removing the tops of flowered stems.

28 Jan, 2012


thanks Bamboo, I did actually cut the Albertine back in September, but the weather has been so mild it has shot up again. I will sit on my pruning shears in case I am tempted!

28 Jan, 2012


You could go out and tie in the new shoots on the rose though, before they toughen up with the cold, if they survive the chill.

28 Jan, 2012


will do. Thanks as always

28 Jan, 2012

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