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I've got a wide border at the front of our bungalow. It faces south east. I was thinking of planting it up with David Austin pink roses, Lavender and campanula for the summer. Have looked through the David Austin catalogue and like The Mayflower. The blurb sounds good... almost free of disease, growth bushy, medium sized flowers, tough and strong, strong old rose fragrance, flowers very early in the year and continues to the first frosts. Is this too good to be true? I'm really interested in using any of the David Austin pink English Roses, but I'm not very knowledgeable with roses and would welcome your comments.



If that is what the catalogue states i would believe it, i've bought from David Austin before and they're a good reputable company and what they say is what you get !

The bush rose ARE going to be bushy and be guided by the dimensions they specify in the catalogue or else it'll crowd or be crowded in that border.

Campanula and lavender like a well drained sunny site whereas the rose would prefer a bit more water retentive soil so site these carefully in that border.

28 Jan, 2012


The Mayflower gets a good write up from the BBC gardening site as well, and at 120cm high by 90 wide, it's not overly large. Sounds like a good choice - prune September/October. Make sure the one you order is pink - there are red and white options too.

28 Jan, 2012


Thanks to you both regarding the tips for The Mayflower Rose. I didn't realise that it came in other colours - Thanks Bamboo. Also thanks to Louise for letting me know that the David Austin Catalogue is accurate with the descriptions, I've since read that somewhere else on GoY!!!

29 Jan, 2012


Thanks for that hint re the planting ML. I've ordered the roses today taking advantage of the 50% off at Wyevale! I couldn't order The Mayflower, so after much research and checking both on-line and using my favourite David Austin catalogue(!) I've decided to go with the pink Alan Titchmarsh. I also went the full mile and ordered the Lavender at the same time! I've never planted up roses before, so I want to get it right! The effect that I'm hoping to achieve is similar to a NT garden I visited years ago. It was just so pretty and romantic!! Anyway the border is under the front bedroom windows - but not mine! Will photograph the before and after!!

31 Jan, 2012


Hello Petaltracey
Welcome to Goy at last! Pleased to hear you managed to get your order in for the David Austin roses with Wyevale. 5o% off is just too good an offer to miss. Ive ordered some too. I managed to get a Callicarpa on this offer too Meadowland, after seeing your lovely one last Autumn. Im sure the Alan Titchmarsh rose will be just as nice as the Mayflower. I cant help getting an image of Alan Titchmarsh as seen in lifesize cardboard cutout at the B&Q's plant centre! .... which always gives me the ebee jeebees! lol.

1 Feb, 2012


Hi Poppy!
You've changed your picture! Yeph I set myself up with an account at Wyevale! I ordered 4 Alan Titchmarsh roses - I really don't fancy 4 cardboard cardboard cutouts of him peering through my spare bedroom windows!! He'd give my guests a real fright - lol!! What's the first opening date for Stonegreen? Do you fancy meeting up there?

2 Feb, 2012


Hi ML - Stonegreen is a Nursery in Bethestone, Kent. It's between Ashford and Tenterden, just off of the A28. They open to the public several times a year, otherwise it's trade only. It's always worth a visit. Plants are very good value for money, and there's a huge choice!! First opening is usually Easter weekend!
For some reason I thought you lived in Sussex and would beable to get over this way - just checked and found it's Gloucestershire!! :(

3 Feb, 2012


In Vermont we sprinkle about a cup of Epsom salts around each rose (the Base) and that should bring about more blooms. I have tried and it works. Do it in the early to mid Spring. and plant not too close together, somebody has already said that, but just wanted to say it again.

25 Feb, 2012


Thanks Wells I'll have a go at that!

27 Feb, 2012

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