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By Amy

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

can somebody give me any names of roses that do not have that horrible blackspot, climbers no more than 8feet tall



Hi Amy assuming you have a sunny position there are several to recommend Red. Rosa Compassion Yellow Rosa Golden Showers
and a personal favourite Rosa Swan Lake a white rose with pink inner flush. If you havent already suggest you use wires to tie stems in with. Trellis and masonry nails tend to get pulled out as rose develops.Look for reputable grower such as David Austen roses feed and water regularly and apply a good mulch to the base.

17 Apr, 2008


Hi Bonkersbon
Thanks for your reply. I will go rose hunting this weekend with your suggested list.
Hopefully we should have a good display this year without the dreaded blackspot.
Many thanks Amy

18 Apr, 2008


I'd suggest my favorite. The Don Juan. a wonderful woody climber with dark dark red flowers that bloom nearly all year round (mine had cycles, 2 weeks of new growth, 1 week of bud development, a week or more of flowering... followed by 2 weeks of new growth).

though there were occasions where it bloomed two or three times in one month (and even in the winter! the first year i had it it bloomed on Christmas DAY!!) with at least three blooms going at once.

You might have slightly different results depending on where you live. I live in Florida...

heres a nice place to buy them as own root roses:

Good luck rose hunting!

12 May, 2008

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