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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Think I have asked this before what rose feed everyone uses. And when do you start feeding?



I don't start feeding until the first flush of blossom is over, round about the beginning of June, and then I just use a bog-standard slow release granular rose-feed from the supermarket. I then surround all the bushes with large doses of well-rotted manure in about October. I really don't have the proper answer, so I need to find out what the experts say, too, Scotkat. I might be getting it totally wrong.

29 Jan, 2012


hello, we always use 'TOPROSE' from the garden centre, which works well. Can't remember exactly WHEN we start feeding but if you look at the back of the packet it does tell you.Roses seem to be tricky growers anyway, and don't like other plants too near them, but don't think you can go wrong with this product and clean and easy to use.

29 Jan, 2012


Thankyou both

29 Jan, 2012


Hello, I use TopRose too, but start when the first buds appear, then feed again mid-summer to keep them going. If the weather is mild, like last year, when we had three flushes, I gave another feed in late summer. A friend of mine swears by ericaceous feed, as many roses like a slightly acid soil, and her soil is neutral to slightly alkaline - they seem to thrive on it.

29 Jan, 2012

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