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Can anyone suggest a climbing plant to go beside my front door?
It needs to a) grow in a large pot b) be happy on an east facing wall c) have pretty flowers for most of summer d) smell nice. Not much to ask, I know!



How about a Climbing Iceberg Rose has a slight scent you can get from crocus plant.

Its beautiful.

Or even Sweetpeas .



Here are just some to think about.

29 Jan, 2012


Good ideas, Scotkat.
My climbing iceberg rose has been flowering all winter...
flowers in spring, summer, autumn too...

Photo on my home page if Pennylane wants to see...

Adding this Question to GoYpedia.

29 Jan, 2012


There is a climbing rose called Penny Lane!

29 Jan, 2012


Lol. Oji :o)))

29 Jan, 2012

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