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what plant is HAWORTHIA is it a house plant or an outdoor plant



Haworthias are succulents from South Africa. They are often grown as house plants but some species are Ok in the garden. Do you know what species you have, billyboy?

29 Jan, 2012


Hi, Bulbaholic sorry i don't know what species it is my wife bought the plant in some supermarket Thanks for the quick reply. Billyboy60.

29 Jan, 2012


If your wife bought the plant "in" a supermarket then I would suggest that it is probably a house plant. Try putting Haworthia into your computer search engine and see if you can find any pictures that look familiar.

29 Jan, 2012


Bulba, which ones would be hardy outdoors in the UK? My ignorance maybe showing, but I haven't known of any that will take below -4ยบ C.

30 Jan, 2012


I am not a Haworthia grower, Tugbrethel, but I understood that they could take -15C (+5F). Looking further I do see that they need a dry dormancy so an unheated greenhouse would probably be more suitable than the open garden in the UK!

30 Jan, 2012


Hmm...still seems a bit much, especially since they tend to grow more in the winter here, than in the summer.

31 Jan, 2012

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