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does your mum still grow murraya koenigii ,if so does she sell them thanks phyl



Who is this question directed at?

I would suggest that you send the person you are asking a PM, or if it the item you are looking for was in a question, then:

Go back to the original question
scroll down past the comments
type this question in the white box
then click the green "add comment" button.

They will get a notification just like you do.

29 Jan, 2012


Just to translate, Phyl, a "PM" is a private message:
Click on the icon of the person you want to send to. That will send you to their profile.
At the top of the page is a link to send them a private message, and click on that.
That will let you send them a message that only they will see, and they will be notified when they log on.

30 Jan, 2012


I have Murraya Koenigii fresh health seeds for sale £30 for 50 but only for a short time as they have to be germinated before they dry out. Ray 07850277727

10 Jul, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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