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I have bamboos in my garden that I need to dig out before I'm extending my pation. Can I dig them out and plant them in a pot? They are quite big and thick. Is it feasible or will roots too dip and will it survive?
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What type of Bamboo are they? If it is just temporary, then large pots with fresh compost, mixed with some bark and keep it well watered and they should be fine.

30 Jan, 2012


well its the right time about maybe another month . you can get special bamboo membraine 30cm wide you put in a circle the size you want your bamboo or if small enough i use them black nylon/plastic flower pots the biggest ones cut the bottem out and bury them then plant inside them . they cant spread then and they will be happier than just in a pot as they will eventualy split the pots or suffer . as said plenty of water . with this very mild weather you could probably move them now . its better to move them once than twice thats for sure . also when you move them i would cut a lot of the foliage of to so the plant can concentrate on puttiong roots down .

30 Jan, 2012


or even split the bamboos up if there quit big and sell the remainder .

30 Jan, 2012


I don't know the name but two years ago I split and successfully moved half a bamboo (5ft yellow/green poles, compact). The next thing I knew was that rhizomes had spread out into the lawn and started sprouting. Getting rid of all the root back to the main plant was a bit of a nightmare for a season!!

30 Jan, 2012


definatly hence putting the plant within a propper membrane or the bucket idea buried with the bottem cut out . the rhizomes only realy come out in the top 6" and even above ground and as the pots tend to slope outwards tend to naturaly grow upwards you can just clip them of . ive also sloped the membrane out at the top for the same reasen .

31 Jan, 2012

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