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Would it be advisable not to buy a new Robinia pseudoacacia frisia tree at the moment as they seem to be having a few problems. We lost two young trees 2 years ago. the new leaves just did not develop in the latter one and the former lost its leaves straight away in the summer. After studying some articles on the internet it seems that the green leaved variety is unaffected but I am confused as there does not seem to be a name for this variety so what would I ask for?



id say its a perfect time with the mild winter maybe another month or so . you just need the frosts out the way but for them to still be dorement .

30 Jan, 2012


You're right, there are problems with Robinia frisia, though I wasn't aware that the greenleaved one is not affected. The basic species is Robinia pseudacacia, but be aware that this one is much larger than frisia, making a height eventually of 66 feet, with a similar spread. Frisia, as a cultivar, only makes a height of 30 feet and is much narrower.
There are other cultivars, such as 'Bessonia' which is a little smaller than the basic one, but I am not sure that the problems being experienced with Robinia are not present in all the cultivars, and just not in the parent, basic species.
It might be better to choose another variety of tree altogether, unless you have the space for a 66 foot one.

30 Jan, 2012


My local garden centre tells me that they have had quite a few Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' that have failed and returned under their plant guarantee, as mentioned there is a soil-borne virus. Whilst they will still sell them, they point out to their customers that the virus exists. You have two options, firstly you can take a chance and plant one using Rootgrow, or try something else, perhaps a Laburnum.

1 Feb, 2012

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