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By Tena

if i cut my bulbs into quarters will they grow and flower when i live in hampshire



unfortunately no. cutting the bulb will destroy the dormant flower too. also the chance of introducing diseases. Some bulbs will grow fro a leaf scale taken from the bulb but it will take several yeras to reach flowering size.

welcome to GoY too :)

30 Jan, 2012


hi and welcome. well thats a new one if you want more flowers just buy a few extra dunt matter where you live the answer will still be the same.good luck.

30 Jan, 2012


Are you thinking of corms, tubers, rhizomes and roots?

You cannot cut up bulbs as that will kill them, as explained above, but you can break up some tubers, roots and rhizomes and get more plants.


Anemone - tubers, these grow and you can snap them into new plants (over time, not straight from a GC)

Begonia - tuber/root - you can snap those as above

Dahlia - tuber - you can detach (sometimes they fall off) the tuberous roots and get more Dhalias.

Crocosmia - tuber that after a few years you can snap off and get more Crocosmia

Root cuttings, lots of bushes and flowers come to mind like Eryngium, Hollyhock, Delphinium and Physallis. I have tried these with success, not had luck with bushes, but heard some Spirea are easy to propagate from root cuttings, but suspect layering is easier.

30 Jan, 2012


Hi, Tena!
Quartering a bulb is sometimes used to propagate those that are shy to produce offsets, including some types of Hyacinth or Amaryllis. As Sbg says, it is a risky business, and I would consider it a last resort sort of thing. Even if all works well, the resulting plants usually don't bloom for several years after.

31 Jan, 2012

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