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what type of grit should i use to help drainage in pots

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what type of grit should i use to help drainage in pots.

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I use horticultural grit in the compost or vermiculite depending on what i have to hand. for those that dont like wet 'bttoms' I often use a 1/2" layer of washed sand to sit the bulbs on.
as crocks in the bottom of pots i use broken terracotta pots or pebbles from the beach.

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30 Jan, 2012


We don't use crocks in the bottom of the pots at all. The compost will have about one-third part 6mm grit in the mixture to aid drainage. (6mm because that is what is locally available, 4mm might be better)

30 Jan, 2012


thankyou for advice I will use vermiculite and sand as recommended.

george biddle

30 Jan, 2012


I was thinking of large patio type pots BA not the smaller ones. The ratios are interesting BA I just go by the feel of it. :o)

30 Jan, 2012


George, if you use sand make sure it is the coarse one and not fine builders sand.

30 Jan, 2012

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