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Does anyone know whether or not fruit trees can be sterile?

Haute Preynees, France Fr

I planted a pear tree in my garden four years ago and it has never come into bud. Is it possible that it cant?



Not sterile, Dondebut, but it might be pining for a boy/girl friend. Some top fruit trees need a similar tree in the vicinity to cross polinate the flowers.

9 Apr, 2009


There is an old saying here in England that we grow pears for our heirs, your pear may have had the odd flowers on which the pollen has not set.

9 Apr, 2009


Pears take several years to settle down and start cropping - typically ten! Mine took nineteen!!

9 Apr, 2009


sounds interesting, maybe you lot can help out with my lemon tree question cheers

10 Apr, 2009

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