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Seeking help for ailing cheese plant (monstera): I have a 10-year-old cheese plant which I recently repotted (it had become waterlogged in its existing pot). Since repotting though (a week and a half ago) it continues to look a bit bedraggled and I am not sure whether it is dying a slow death or making a slow recovery, and if I should take further action or do nothing hope that it will perk up soon? Any advice much appreciated - I'd be very sad to lose it, it's been in the family for a while!



Have you tried pushing the aerial roots into the soil? That used to give my one a bit of a boost, especially in new compost.

31 Jan, 2012


That, and double check the light levels and feeding regimen--the latter usually not as important in new compost, but worth considering if it is a cheap brand of pre-bagged.

31 Jan, 2012


I would leave it to recover,no more watering for a while.

1 Feb, 2012


You may find this site useful ...

2 Feb, 2012

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