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what do I do with my amaryllis when it has finished flowering




I can tell you what I do without claiming this is right. I remove the spent flower stems, then let the leaves die back naturally, watering sparingly and this takes some time. By the time the leaves have withered, the pot can be left to dry out. Then it can be put away in a frost free place until it is time to start again at the end of the year. Hope this helps.

1 Feb, 2012


I asked the same question of Balcony - who has several magnificent Amaryllis specimens - and the advice was the same. Hope it works for me!

1 Feb, 2012


My first atempt at an amarylis,didnt know till recently another name is" jersey lily" was a disapointment,2 long leaves ONLY!!! (Dont tell anybody I chopped the leaves off and put it outside) The one I gave away was better, flower bud waiting to open.Aldi or just one of those things??

1 Feb, 2012


The jersey lily is Amaryllis belladonna the one in the pic and question is a Hippeastrum Amaryllis which must be grown indoors where as the Amaryllis Belladonna is happy outside. Just let it die back and go into its dormancy and new growth will emerge late autumn keep in the pot they do not like being disturbed this may cause them to miss a flowering season do not water until new growth starts

1 Feb, 2012


Its a good idea to feed the bulb for a few weeks after flowering so that it can build up its reserves for next year.Then let it dry out as the others have said.

1 Feb, 2012

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