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Name this plant. Sorry, no picture. It dies back every year like a hosta. It is about 3 by 3 feet with large heart-shaped leaves which have rough bristles on them; but the bristles are fine. The leaves are dark green on the top and a shade of lighter green underneath. It flowers about may/June until July/August and is in zone 5. The flowers are in clusters and are lavender/pale purple with slight pink banding. These flowers are some what tube shaped and the center part of the flower slightly protrudes and is a cream color. Bees like this plant.



Hi and welcome to GoY, I think you will have a much better chance of an answer if you can add a photo to your question.

2 Feb, 2012


Sounds like Borage or Comfrey

2 Feb, 2012


Thank you!! It turned out to be comfrey!! I found images online but didn't have one because the specimens I knew of died last year because of excessive shade. I'll see if I can upload a few pictures of it!

3 Feb, 2012


Comfrey is a very useful plant if you have room for it.

3 Feb, 2012


Yes very useful, in the compost, in trenches in the veggie garden, to make a 'tea' with to feed plants... amazing stuff.

3 Feb, 2012

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