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I have a part of my garden which is shaded by trees a fence and a 15ft x 8ft shed it is L shaped aprox 30ft x 10ft x 20ft x10ft x 10ft could you pleas advise what I could grow or what I could do with it.
thank you Dave



Here's a list I produced elsewhere answering a similar question

All of the following plants/small shrubs will thrive in shade/semi shade,

Perennial plants



alchemilla mollis,




,fatsia japonica,


perennial geranium





viburnum tinus

SHADE Shrubs

Shrubs that will cope with shade are

Choisya( white flowers ,evergreen)

Aucuba( insignificant flowers but has berries ,evergreen)

Cotoneaster( white flowers,red berries.. some are evergreen)

Euonymus fortunei ( slow growing but will eventually reach 6 feet or more , no berries or flowers,

Eleagnus – evergreen ,insignificant flowers

Hydrangea, flowers but not evergreen ,

mahonia ,yellow flowers ,evergreen

osmanthus burkwoodi,white flowers,evergreen

cherry laurel(prunus laurocerasus) - white flowers -evergreen

pyracantha- evergreen red or yellow berries

viburnum tinus - white flowers,black berries,evergreen

Plants that will cope with dry shade

Alchemilla mollis

Anenome Nemorasa ( wood anenome)

Aquilegia vulgaris – colombine

Aucuba japonica – laurel

Beregenia – elephants ears

Campanula glomerata – clustered bell flower

Chaenomales speciosa – japanese quince

Choisya ternata – mexican orange blossom

Cotoneaster horizontalis – deciduous cotoneaster

Cyclamen hederifolium – wild cyclamen

Euonymus fortunei

Euphorbia amygdaloides

Garrya eliptica

Geranium phaeum

Hedera hibernica – irish ivy

Helleborus orientalis – lanten rose

Hypericum calycinum – rose of sharon

Hypericum hidcote

Mahonia aquifolium

Mecanopsis cambrica

Osmanthus burkwoodii

Pathenocissus henryana – chinese virginia creeper

Pyracantha coccinea- firethorn

Ribes samguineum – flowering currant

Scilla nutans – english blue bell

Plants that cope with very heavy shade

alchemilla mollis

Arum italicum

Prunus laurocerasus

Vinca periwinkle

Waldsteinia ternata

Plants that will cope with some damp shade

ajuga reptans


astrantia major

brunnera macrophlla

camellia williamsi

convalleria majalis – lily of the valley

dicentra spectabilis - bleeding hearts

digitalis purpurea – common fox glove

fatsia japonica



hydrangea macrophlla

lysimachia numulari

narcissus cyclamineus – cyclamen

pachysandra terminalis


phlox paniculata


pulmonaria longifolia


skimmia japonica

2 Feb, 2012


This is such a good list I had to make a comment so that I could transfer it onto my home pages.

2 Feb, 2012


What a great answer! Plenty to choose from there!

2 Feb, 2012


dont forget ferns too:o)

2 Feb, 2012


Also Christmas Box (sarcococca) which takes dry shade. This is an evergreen shrub, flowering now with highly scented tiny white flowers

2 Feb, 2012


You could fence it of with one pannel overlapping to give the impression of a solid fence then use the piece of land to make a wormery or something .

2 Feb, 2012


You'd only need an inch high fence to keep the worms in!


2 Feb, 2012


Or a compost heap or a place to burn stuff or store things you dont want in site etc etc etc . ive never see
an inch deep wormery please elaberate ? Anchorman .

2 Feb, 2012


Hi Noseypotter,
Anchorman was just putting in a cheeky little reply suggesting the fence only need to be an inch high to keep the worms in!
You`ve got to love some of the quick witted comments on here sometimes,eh?....just when you don`t expect them.

3 Feb, 2012



3 Feb, 2012


oops lol i fell strate in hook line and sinker . got me lol . im not used to seeing people with a sense of humer on here . im normaly telling the jokes anchorman . as it goes youd be surprised how far a worm can get in the damp .

3 Feb, 2012


They have hidden legs and if you look carefully on moonlit evenings you can see them jogging surprisingly quickly across the garden!


3 Feb, 2012


lol very good .

3 Feb, 2012

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